Photo Gallery

Garcia MorphPet store girl with one of her daughters that proved her genetic.

Pos Het PiedsI just thought this was a neat picture.

Maternal IncubationThis was my 2003 experiment with maternal incubation.  It went well and I'll try it again some time.

Bowl HuggerPossible possible het stripe girl hugging her water bowl recently.

Garcia EyeThis is a close-up of the eye of a 2007 Garcia produced by Alvaro Garcia in the clutch that proved my original pet store female.  For some reason this picture turned out a little more yellow than true life but mainly what I wanted to show is the darkness of the eye and the lack of yellow in the eye. 

Garcia Mojave EyeHere is the eye of her 08 Mojave Garcia sister produced by Marshall Van Thorre.  She has a nice rich brown color to her like her older sister and mom. 

Possible Garcia Mojave EyeHere is their 08 Mojave brother who I'm hoping also has the Garcia mutation but it isn't as obvious as with his sisters.  I don't have any unrelated Mojave to compare with to see if their eyes are normally this dark or not but I was hoping that was a good sign of Garcia influence. 


Mom Garcia with 07 Garcia and 08 Mojave GarciaNone of these wanted to sit still but here is the least horrible (but still terrible) picture I got of Mom Garcia with 07 Garcia and 08 Mojave Garcia daughters.  Mom's colors are better than they look here but at least this picture captured the glossiness in the daughters. 


DrivewayNot snake related.