Frequently Asked Questions

I like snake morph genetics and get asked questions from time to time so will try to build this page up with answers which may or may not be in demand.

Q: Is there such a thing as a "het" spider ball python?
A: Absolutely, although the term heterozygous is not generally well understood in the snake industry.  Heterozygous does not mean normal looking gene carrier, it just works out that way with receive mutations.  Heterozygous also does not mean half way to some other mutation as in "pastel is het for super pastel".  Heterozygous really means having an unmatched pair of whatever gene you are talking about.  Pastels are heterozygous because they have one pastel mutant version of the gene at the pastel location and one normal for pastel version of that gene.  Spiders are heterozygous for the spider mutation because they got the spider mutant version from one parent and the normal for spider version from the other. 

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