About SnakeMorphs.com

My name is Randy Remington and Snakemorphs.com is my ball python morph breeding hobby.


As a typical snake keeper growing up in the 70's I got my start with wild caught animals as a child.  My 2nd grade teacher wasn't too happy about the 5+ ft. wild bullsnake I brought to show and tell.  I've bred bullsnakes, cornsnakes, kingsnakes, and boas but now work exclusively with ball pythons. 

I've kept ball pythons sporadically going back to 1989 and regularly since 1994.  After a few years of failed attempts I produced my first ball python clutch in 2000.  I've been taking the long slow budget approach working with unproven animals and possible hets.  Finally in 2009 I started producing ball python morphs.

In 2007 Daniel Garcia proved a female I picked up at a pet store in 2001 genetic on a breeding loan.  In 2010 Marshall Van Thorre produced what appear to be super/homozygous Garcia's and they look to me like the BHB line super chocolate so I'm now calling them Garcia line chocolates.  I also have a fire like line that also comes from a pet store founder and also an IMG import female I'm working to prove.

See my News page for the latest developments.