In Progress

This page is for breedings that I'm working on.  Entries will be removed as it either becomes obvious no babies will result or eggs hatch at which time the collection and available pages will be updated.


For 2012 I'm shooting for:

  • Super Chocolate Mojave, Super Chocolate, Chocolate (Garcia Line), Chocolate Mojave, Mojave
  • Chocolate Pastel Yellow Belly, Pastel Yellow Belly, Chocolate Pastel, Chocolate Yellow Belly, Pastel, Yellow Belly
  • Piebald possible het for both Albino and VPI Axanthic
  • Stripe possible het for both Albino and VPI Axanthic
  • VPI Axanthic possible het Stripe
  • Chocolate Pastel Spider Yellow Belly, Chocolate Pastel Spider, Chocolate Spider Yellow Belly, Chocolate Yellow Belly, Pastel Spider Yellow Belly, Pastel Spider, Spider
  • Ghost (aka Hypo) Pastel, Ghost/Hypo
  • Caramel possible het Albino, Ghost/Hypo, and TSK Axanthic